Blendtec vs Vitamix: The Ultimate Guide Review

Blendtec vs Vitamix? How to know which is the right choice for me?

blendtec-vs-vitamixBlendtec or Vitamix? Vitamix or Blendtec.  It is always the eternal debate between this two leading companies. This mini-guide will try to give the answers of your questions about those two brands.




But first things first. 



How many among you here doesn’t have a blender yet? And how many are looking into buying one? There are a lot of blenders that serves a particular operation you wish to do. A blender is a kitchen appliance that you can’t live without. It helps you turn solid elements into liquid from shakes to smoothies, soup, salad mix, and healthy dietary drinks. You might not get the point yet why we need to choose the right blender. You might be one of those who still think that blender has similar function and that it doesn’t matter what type of blender you have as long as it serves the same purpose. I’d like to correct you about that, and somehow help you find or choose the right one.




How to Choose a Blender? The Criterias


Let me introduce to you some features that differentiate one blender from another.

1. Speed – the amount of speed a particular blender can do. It depends on you desired product, you can lower the speed if you don’t want your ingredient to keep some solidity out from your ingredient. On the other hand, if you want to keep any solidity then you can improve the speed.

2. Controls – try to check the bottom of your blender and you’ll find a motor. It has a control panel with a variety of different speeds. The function of this motor is to drive the blade that chops the elements you put into the blender. The blade creates a tornado like action that circulates the elements and chops them to the favorite constancy.

3. Design – different brands of blender offers touches that can help make the decision for blender buyers to purchase such product. When choosing a blender, the design greatly affects a buyer’s decision since it can make or break the look of anyone’s countertop.

 It is therefore necessary to select the right blender that won’t screw up your   desired result. Here, I will introduce some brands that might help you in selecting the right blender. 


Trying to decide what to use when making shakes or smoothies? Or you are considering to use a blender for grinding or chopping. Worry no more; we’ll give you an overview of the two most comprehensive brands of blenders, Vitamix and Blendtec.


Why Use Vitamix and Blendtec?


Both are similar in some ways..

* They offer three Payment Plans which you can order with a credit or debit card and there is $15 nonrefundable fee per service purchase. Hence, this is the simplest way for buyers to purchase especially when they’re in a tight monthly budget.


What differences do Vitamix and Blendtec ?



* Vitamix and Blendtec has higher price compared to other blenders, but worry not, because the performance, features and durability are extra higher than that of other brands.


Blendtec Blender Model

-      Refurbished Classic Total Blender – around $385

-      Connoisseur Model – around $650

-      Blendtec Classic Total Blender – most popular model, price ranges depending on the choice of jar with it.


Here’s news! New 2012 Blendtec Total Blender Designer Series – offers an amazing new design, and slide touch pad programming vs push button, but then it has similar performance as to Blendtec Classic Total Blender


Vitamix Blender Models

-      Wildside Vitamix Blender – around $329 for Refurbished Models with 64oz container

-      Wildside Vitamix Blender – around $689 for Professional 750 Series

-      Vitamix Turboblend VS and the Vitamix 5200 – most popular Vitamix Models, both for $449.


Note:  Vitamix dry jar (needed for grinding)  price is about $100 additional. In total, most of the Vitamix models are obviously a little more expensive than the Blendtec models.


Customer Service:


* By purchasing both Vitamix and Blendtec, you can assure 100% of genuine item along with a complete warranty. Customer service team of Vitamix and Blendtec are very much active in helping you fix the problems, you may encounter regarding your products may it be technical or operational related. You can reach the team using phone or email.


* If there are some defects, you may return Vitamix and Blendtec unit provided by the instructions given to each under seven years warranty.


When it comes to DURABILITY


  • Both blenders come in a 64-ounce pitcher and in a durable plastic base.
  • Both Vitamix and Blendtec blenders’ brands are Made in the USA.
  • The life expectancy of both blenders is 15-20 years without any problem.  When you buy Vita-mix, it comes with a complete 7-Year Full Use warranty. Blendtec blender is also a 7-year warranty but only if bought through Blendtec direct or an Authorized Blendtec Dealer. Also, extended warranties are also available direct from both companies at an additional cost.



Slight differences with both brands..


The Blending results

  • For blending whole fruits: Vitamix can completely blend any fruit or vegetable you will add to your blender without having to cut or peel more pieces. When it comes to Blendtec, sometimes it entails some chopping, adding of little extra liquid, and a bit of stopping for vegetables to completely blend or perhaps twisting the jar. 
  • For green smoothies: Vitamix is far better in green smoothie aspect, while Blendtec’s result isn’t as fine as the Vitamix. With the absence of a tamper, Blendtec leaves clumps of unblended greens which does not pass for a perfect smoothie.
  • For lump-less fruit blending: Vitamix comes with a tamper that is efficient when blending large fruits. Unlike the Blendtec blender, the tamper enables Vitamix to chop-off and make fine smoothies without the lumps that Blendtec blenders can leave. Blendtec has a square-pitched and straight blade designed model, the Blendtec FourSide, which deems the Vitamix’s tamper unnecessary. Although Blendtec has devised this model, it can be frustrating to blend smaller fruits with it.



  • The interface of the blenders also has obvious differences. Vitamix is designed with switches and dials as any standard blender would look like. Blendtec comes with buttons flat on its surface displaying a digital look than Vitamix.



  • In terms of capacity, Vitamix has a higher degree. Its 64-ounce pitcher can be filled up to the brim when blending while Blendtec recommends filling it only half-way. So even if Blendtec has a 64-ounce pitcher it can only blend about 32 ounces and the 96-ounce pitcher blends 48 ounces.


  • Just like any blender, Vitamix and Blendtec are not exempted from the noise. But for most owners, Blendtec makes more noise as compared to Vitamix.
  • Both blenders are indeed louder than most other common kitchen blender, on the other hand they are almost 5 or 7 times more powerful than most.  


Easy to clean

  • Both blenders are easy to clean especially with the invention of the dishwasher. The Vitamix pitcher can be taken apart for further cleaning since it has a removable blade. Blendtec doesn’t have a removable blade but its straight-blade design enables easy-cleaning with it.



  • When it comes to design, Vitamix has a bold and upscale appearance. It also stands a little bit taller than Blendtec which has a standard countertop height. Blendtec also has a sleek design and is uniquely made with a touch user interface.




Horsepower, what is it? It’s not referring to a literal horse of course. It refers to “power” of the blender. Any blender’s overall performance relies on its power.


Vitamix Power: 

  • Vitamix’s standard home models – 11.5 amps/1380 watts and 2 peak horsepower motor
  • Vitamix’s newest 750 models -  2.2 horsepower motor.


Blendtec Power:  


  • Blendtec’s 13 amps/1560 watts and 3 peak horsepower motor.




Speed is important because it saves time and effort! Here’s an overview of how this two blenders differ in speed.


Blendtec - 10 speeds with a minimum of 4,080 revolutions per minute (RPM) and a maximum of 28,000 RPM’s, on the other hand, the blade can spin up to 310 miles per hour (MPH). 


Vitamix - 10 speeds with high power has a greater RPM range from 500 to 37,000 enabling more control at slower speeds. This is indeed helpful for chopping.


The variety of speed of blenders can help you achieve different textures of ingredients you put inside the blender.




Blendtec – 6 pounds and 15 inches tall. 

Vitamix – 13 pounds and 21 inches tall. 


Blendtec’s compact size will surely fit beneath most kitchen cabinets, and it has a very lighter weight which makes it easier to move around like on road trips, gathering, vacation, sleepover and camping.


A con when using Blendtec is that it often moves around or shift on a countertop when your surface is tiled and not smooth. In some cases this is definitely alarming to some users but no worry; even so, this is sturdier than the other one.


Vitamix recently produced shorter jars making them around 17 inches tall to compete with other blender companies. 

 vitamix-blender control


  • The two blenders also have a key difference in control. Vitamix, since it comes with switches and dials, is manually controllable whereas Blendtec can be controlled automatically with just a push of a button.
  • Most of the numerous popular Vitamix models deal full manual control of your blending with a variable 10 speed dial together with a Hi/Lo switch.
  •  Vitamix model – The Professional Series 750 – also includes five pre-programmed settings such as smoothie, frozen dessert, soup, puree recipes, and self-cleaning as well as a Pulse switch.
  • They have two others, the Professional Series 500, and 6300 that has three pre-programmed settings (smoothie, frozen yogurt, soup) win which most buyers love. Ou


Vitamix can blend in hard materials such as nuts, frozen fruits, grains, ice, etc. In making green smoothies from green, leafy vegetables, Vitamix has an edge because of its tamper feature. Since most vegetables or lumpy fruits just splash inside out of reach by the blade, the tamper is necessary to push them down for a finer result.

As to Blendtec’s answer to not having a tamper, the Blendtec WildSide pitcher was created to beat the purpose of the tamper. But using it when blending smaller fruits can be quite frustrating and will leave clumps unblended.



Vitamix container inclusions

•64 oz Container – standard container used by most – totals 20.5″ tall
•64 oz Container – NEWLY DESIGNED compact 64oz container that fits under most kitchen cabinets (currently only avail w/blender purchase)
•48 oz Compact Container – smaller capacity compact container -totals 17.5” tall
•32 oz Container – smallest wet jar
•32 oz Dry Grains Container

Blendtec container inclusions

•”2 qt” 64 oz. FourSide Jar – standard container used by most.
•”3 qt” 90 oz. Wildside Jar – largest capacity with bigger 4 inch blade.
•Twister Jar – a new smaller container used for smaller amounts and thicker dishes/purees.


Conclusion: Which is the Best Blender for You?


If you’re a VITAMIX lover, you would probably say these.

Without further hesitation, the best blender in comparison of Vitamix and Blendtec is none other than VITAMIX. Vitamix is not as loud as Blendtec when used. Vitamix has a pour spout and stop button unlike Blendtec, therefore, you have full control of your blender and can assure the type of product you want to produce from your blender.Vitamix has been referred to as the best blender according to many reviews online. The blender has paid for itself due to the time and money it saves as the buyers use it.

Vitamix can handle frozen and uncut fruits and vegetables without much effort. It saves your space from mess and also saves time in blending. Because this blender handles frozen and whole uncut fruits with ease, you don’t have to mess around and waste any time. Also, Vitamix comes with a tamper. A tamper is a must have item in when it comes to blender. Why? It’s because it blends whole uncut fruits and vegetables. It can even blend a large orange and apple in it.


If you’re a BLENDTEC lover, you would probably say these.

Blendtec is economical and all in one blender which has 100% automation plus  pre-programmed cycles. It can be placed under your kitchen counter conveniently. You want to travel and carry your blender along? Blendtec is the best blender for you! You can carry it anywhere due to its handy features.

If you want to keep your ingredients not as juicy as it would be, use blendtec. It can leave some extracts of your ingredients after blending! Mind you, it is way tastier than you could imagine.


Bonus: Some video reviews