Blender Review: Blendtec Professional’s Choice Total Blender

It has been said over and over that blenders are single-handedly the most versatile and multifunctional item in any modern kitchen. It does a load of tasks, whether it’s crushing hard ice into powdery snow, milling small grains, making shakes and smoothies, whipping up yummy desserts and soups, making dough for your homemade baking needs, and even grinding your coffee. Amazing, right? And the Blendtec Professional’s Choice can do all that and more.

This powerful blender is aptly named, and is suited for even the most discriminating professional food honchos. It boasts of 1500 watts of raw power and a 3 HP motor that could handle every kind of blending challenge like it’s nothing. Plus, its shatter-resistant jar makes sure it can withstand any hardcore blending duties. One guy even tried blending his iPhone using this blender, and it came out pulverized to little bits without a slight damage on the blender!

 It’s crazy right, but if the blender could talk, here’s what it would probably say:

blender“Yeah, come at me bro! Bring it on!!!”

If you’re not completely sold out yet and want to be convinced some more, here are the top seven reasons why it’s a must-have blender for kitchen pros and newbies alike.

One — The SIZE

Unlike its biggest rival Vitamix, Blendtec Professional’s Choice is compact enough to fit the standard-sized kitchen cabinets and counter tops. At only 6 pounds and 15 inches high, it can be easily transported from your kitchen to wherever you wish to spend the afternoon cooking. In short, you can easily pack it up to your new girlfriend’s house to impress her with a creamy well-blended soup.


So when we said this blender is great even for newbies, we totally mean it. This one is too dummy proof for anyone to screw up. Blendtec Professional’s choice has features that will enable you to just press a button from its digital touch pad, and walk away. Just like that. Seriously.

The automatic program will speed up, slow down, churn well-blended food on its own, and stop when the time cycle has been completed. That means, you can multitask while blending. You can prepare another dish, watch TV, take out the trash, talk on the phone, and just do about everything else without worrying about blending.

The Smart-Touch Technology is a great foolproof feature (absent-minded people will thank high heavens for this!) which will allow you to save both time and energy. You won’t have to worry also about it overheating, overloading and having jammed blades because Blendtec’s built-in computer detects trouble the first instance it rears its head up, quickly preventing any internal damage.

So you can sit, prop up your feet, sip on that delicious smoothie and relax because this heaven-sent little kitchen gadget will literally do the work for you.


The BPA –free plastic containers are shock-proof and unbreakable even if you drop it (clumsy you!) or even if your cat trips over it while navigating your kitchen counter. The 64-ounce container jars have measurement markings and a tightly-secured lid, which makes it oh-so convenient.

Four – The BLADES

It has a strong two-prong stainless steel blade that perfectly complements the powerful 3 HP direct-drive motor. The Professional’s Choice blender is also designed in such a way that all ingredients are being sucked in to the center towards the blades so that everything gets blended perfectly. This reduces effort in chopping large fruits and more tricky types of food, resulting in a smoother blend especially in drink mixes.

Five – The SPEED

This powerful product has more horsepower than its arch rival Vitamix. Spinning up to 29,000 rpm, the Blendtec motor is so high-powered that it can chop faster and more efficiently than Vitamix or any other brands in the market.  This results in shorter processing time which allows you to save energy and cut electricity costs.

Six – It’s Easy to Clean!

Because it is very durable, you won’t have problems washing it. The flat digital touch pad also means there are no manual knobs and buttons that needs thorough and difficult cleaning. You can wipe it clean so easily.

Seven – The WARRANTY

You’re assured of getting your money’s worth because of the warranty it carries: a three-year warranty on its motor base, 1-year warranty for the jar, and a lifetime warranty on the coupling and blade. They have a high level of customer service too with easy to reach teams on standby who are ready to cater to your technical and operational needs.

But you don’t have to take our word for it, you can get your own Blendtec Professional’s Choice Total Blender and see for yourself why top professionals and fabulous homemakers rely on it. With its durability, reliability, efficiency and functionality, it’s a purchase – and an investment – you won’t regret making.

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