Blendtec The Professional’s Choice Review

Blendtec-The-Professionals-ChoiceThe best thing about today’s technology is the invention of machines that makes everyday easy and wonderful.  Proof of this is the evolutionary Blendtec blenders! There are many magnificent reasons as to why I bought my own Blendtec The Professional’s Choice.

How did I find out about Blendtec The Professional’s Choice?

My friend, a health nut, was able to buy Blendtec last year; she told me how it works for her when it came to smoothies, juices and other recipes and so I was convinced. So, being a smoothie enthusiast myself, I decided to try it.

Why is this a must have blender? 7 reasons


Reason 1 – Size:

Blendtec’s size will fit on most kitchen countertops and its light weight makes it convenient enough to travel around with.

Reason 2 – Length/width:

It’s built 6 pounds and 15 inches tall, which means you can make more smoothies or juices as compared to other blenders.

Reason 3– Automatic mode:

Blendtec has features that will enable you to press a button and just walk away. The automatic program will stop when the time cycle has been completed. That means, I can multi-task while blending (I can prepare another dish, maybe make some salsa, I can even microwave pizza or popcorn!), making me not worry about over blending. The Smart-Touch Technology is one of my favorite specs since I can do other things while making my smoothie. I’m saving both time and energy! I also won’t have to worry about it overheating, overloading and jammed blades because Blendtec’s built-in computer detects them to prevent any internal damage.

Reason 4 – Container Jars:

The Blendtec blenders are made of BPA –free plastic containers that are shock-proof and very unbreakable even if dropped. The container jars come in large 64 ounces. So I don’t have to worry about my cat tripping over the container and I don’t have to worry about storage and even transfer. It’s tough, and it can surely take a blow. Plus, it can hold a lot, (64 ounces) which is perfect for making drinks for a lot of people.

Reason 5 – Blades:

The Blentec 1560-watt reduces manual chopping because of its larger blade. The blender is also designed that all ingredients are being sucked in to the center towards the blades so that everything is blended in. It reduces effort in chopping large fruits and the like. Although this doesn’t work very well if you’re a pulp fanatic. The upside is that this results in a smoother blend, especially in drink mixes.

Reason 6 – Speed:

This product is so powerful and it has more horsepower than the Vitamix. The Blendtec motor is so strong that it can chop faster and more efficiently than the Vitamix can, which results in shorter process time. You can also save energy and cut electricity costs.

Reason 7 – Easy to clean:

It is so easy to wash and most importantly, it is very durable. Before I bought my new Blendtec, we had an older model but with a similar motor and it has been around for about 5 years in the kitchen and it has catered to more than 950 cycles, blending frozen fruits, vegetables, and other spices all the time.

I didn’t regret buying it at all. Durability, functionality, efficiency and trustworthiness. This blender is indeed an investment. Get yours now!

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