Health master vs vitamix Blender: A comprehensive review

health master vs vitamix

health master vs vitamix: The ultimate match

Vitamix have been proven to be one of the leading brands of blenders. Another blender that is well endorsed is the Health Master brand of the former talk show host, Montel Williams. There can be many reviews about Vitamix blenders claiming that it’s the best blender in town. Montel William’s Health Master claims that it can replace twenty kitchen appliances because of its incredible features. Presented below are the comparisons between Vitamix and Health Master Blenders:



Winner: Vitamix


  • Vitamix is 1380 watts
  • Health Master is 1100 watts


The difference between the two powers rates are not much but quantitatively speaking, Vitamix wins this category over Health Master. Power can make the blending process sufficiently with high quality products or outcome.


Vitamix vs Health Master


Winner: Vitamix


  • Vitamix is 500 – 37,000 rounds per minute
  • Health Master is 25,000 – 30,000 rounds per minute


Vitamix proves to do more with its faster rounds per minute speed. With the speed on manual control, one can really achieve the perfect smoothie or soup with Vitamix. It can provide you with your desired smoothies in just split seconds.


Vitamix vs Health Master


Winner: Vitamix


  • Vitamix is 64 oz pitcher, copolyester plastic
  • Health Master   is 70 oz pitcher


The pitcher of both blenders is made of plastic but Vitamix comes with a more sturdy type. Health Master often pitchers often leak which ‘cause messy kitchens and plenty of complaints. Vitamix is reliable when it comes to this part.


Vitamix vs Health Master


Winner: Vitamix


  • Vitamix is Dry blade and container available
  • Health Master is No special blade or container


A great advantage of the Vitamix brand is that they offer grinders for dry use unlike the Health Master with has no special blade or container for it.


Vitamix vs Health Master


Winner: Vitamix


  • Vitamix is 4 prong stainless steel
  • Health Master is 4 prong stainless steel


Even if the blades are the same type, Vitamix blades are proven to grin and chop faster and harder than the Health Master blades. Vitamix blades are relatively sharp and the Health Master blades become dull after a few uses.


Vitamix vs Health Master


It’s a tie!


  • Vitamix with tamper
  • Health Master with tamper


Yes! Both have tamper. It’s easier to blend with it.


Vitamix vs Health Master


Best: Vitamix


  • Vitamix                                super smooth quality green smoothie
  • Health Master                   normal smooth


The description says it already! Vitamix produce fine green smoothies, juices, soups, puree, etc. with whole or small fruits. Health Master has its flaws on the smaller fruits as some of often go un-blended because the small pieces tend to get stuck on its container pockets.

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