How to deep clean a blender – The right way

how to clean a blenderBlenders are technically a culinary genius. It has made life easier for a lot of people. You may even own one yourself. Yet, here comes a common problem that ails blender owners everywhere… how do you clean it?


How to clean a blender: 10 easy steps

Blenders need frequent cleaning. Some people who do not know how to do this properly hurt or cut themselves. Here are a few steps in cleaning your blender. 

  1. Unplug you blender. Especially if you have just finished using it. You don’t want anyone getting electrocuted.
  2. Make sure that the blender is fitted well to its base. This is basic blender safety. Make sure that it is properly screwed in. It may cause several malfunctions that can lead to damage or accidents.  
  3. Fill the 3/4th of the blender with warm water.
  4. Add dishwashing liquid. Dishwashing liquids with scents are not advisable. If you do use these kinds of dishwashing liquids and want to get rid of the scent, add half a lemon. It not only eliminates odors, it cleans the particles off, too.
  5. Put in the lid properly. This prevents the contents from spilling and being too messy.
  6. Plug in the device. Carefully.
  7. Turn the blender on the minimum level for 30 seconds. This will clean the blade and the blender jug. Aside from that, just imagine this process as a mini-washing machine. That would be fun to watch, too.
  8.  Wash the lid with a soft sponge. Do not scrape it.
  9. Pour the soapy water out and rinse.
  10. Air dry the blender. Do not wipe it. This is how people cut themselves.

It’s just that easy to clean! So what are you waiting for? Buy your own now and be one of those blender users who are now enjoying the wonders of it.


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