How to Take Care of Your Blender

Your blender knows how to take care of you by making your culinary life a whole lot easier and your body a lot healthier. But the question is, do you know how to take care of your blender too? Regardless of how often you use your blender, caring for it properly could be the key to extending its life span for several years.

Here are ten simple tips and advice on how to maintain your blender in tip-top shape!

  1. Before using your blender, make sure all parts are completely and properly assembled. Screw the lid properly and make sure the container is securely fitted to the base. Failure to do so can result to damage on the blender, or worse, it could send some loose parts flying and possibly hurting you or someone else.
  2.  After using your blender, make sure the removable pieces are stored together to avoid misplacing the different parts.
  3.  Only blend what your blender can handle. For example, if the box or manual doesn’t mention that it could crush ice, then don’t force it to. Blenders with ice-crushing capabilities are often the ones in the higher price range due to its powerful motor and stainless steel blade. Forcing your blender to handle more than its capacity could result to overloading, overheating or other forms of damage.
  4.  Don’t attempt experiments in your blender by following the footsteps of the “Will It Blend” series. Just because some guy pulverized his iPhone in his blender doesn’t mean you should do it too. That’s no way to treat a blender. If it isn’t food, it doesn’t go inside the blender.
  5.  Higher-priced blenders are lazy-proof. Meaning, you can dump large portions of ingredients in there without having to cut it into smaller pieces. This doesn’t mean you can just keep doing it though. You might want to exercise your arm and hand muscles a little bit by exerting a tiny effort to help your blender. This could help extend its life after all.
  6.  Do not use your blender longer than you have to. Extended use might cause overloading.
  7.  Do not operate the blender without its lid. Unless you’re okay with food flying around and having to wipe goop from your ceiling.
  8.  It is advisable to fill your container up to half or ¾ only when blending. This gives you enough space for the ingredients to expand, especially when blending hot mixtures. If you fill it to the brim, there’s a huge tendency that it will overflow which can lead to wastage of food, effort and your time.
  9.  Even if the lid fits snugly, always make it a point to hold it down when blending. This applies even to the high-end models with pre-programmed settings that allow you to leave it there and get on with your other tasks. There is a chance that the blender could slide off of your countertop due to its relentless shaking and blending. Worst case is it could slide off to the floor and become damaged. Plus of course, you get to clean up the mess afterwards.
  10.  Always clean your blender after using it. If you don’t, the ingredients could build up and harden at the bottom of the container. This could be difficult to remove later on and would require a more thorough cleaning. Prevent those things by cleaning it properly every time you use it. It won’t take much of your time, but is totally worth it (we promise!).    

For the complete guide on how to clean your blender, check out the article The Right Way to Clean You Blender , also on this site.

Bottomline is, if you want your blender to last for a long time, be a responsible blender owner.  Not only will it save you the hassle of product damage, it saves you a lot of cash too!

Lastly, don’t forget to read the manual for basic troubleshooting and maintenance, but if in doubt, contact your brand’s customer service.

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