Juice blender recipes


Juice Blender RecipesMy family and I love to make juice especially on hot weather. I was hesitant to buy a JUICER or a BLENDER. If I buy a juicer, it definitely can produce the result I want but if I buy a blender, yes it can produce good results plus I can use it to make some other products. Therefore, I can do several things with blender. I’ve heard about VITAMIX and BLENDTEC blenders. Both are NOT juice extractors, it is important for buyers to know that both are not juicers. Traditionally, juicers extract the liquid from a whole food, most often than not separates the pulp or fiber, skin or perhaps seed as well. Blenders do not remove ANYTHING from the whole food you put inside; therefore, you get all necessary nutrition found in the whole food.

Before I introduce the steps, here are list of things you might need before juicing.

Juice Blender Recipes: Things to prepare


1. Fruits or vegetables (Depending on what you want to extract juice from)

2. Metal or plastic bowl

3. Knife

4. Glass bottles

5. Blender

6. Water

7. Cloth


Here are some steps you may do using your blender as juicer:

Step 1:


Gather fruits or vegetables you want to take out juice from.


Step 2:


Wash and dry your fruit or vegetables and peel any fruits, if needed, such as citrus fruits.


Step 3:


 Cut the whole food into small pieces to get ready for processing. Remove any stones or large seeds from fruits, if there’s any.


Step 4:


 Place a cloth in a large, metal or plastic mixing bowl.


Step 5:


To cover the blades, you need to pour cold water into your blender. Approximately 12 oz. of water is okay. The water actually pulls the hard fruits or vegetable down into the blades which makes it easier to extract juice.


Step 6:


Add the other ingredients you want to put into the blender. Wait for it to turn into like a cornmeal.


Step 7:


Pour the extracts from the blender into the cloth and fold up the edges to make a pouch.


Step 9:


Squeeze the juice thoroughly through the cloth and into the bowl with your hands. Continue doing it to squeeze the juice out until only bits of fiber remain in the cloth.


Step 10:


Get a glass then fill git to the top with the juice. If you don’t want to drink it yet, you may get a cap and put it inside your refrigerator until you’re ready to take a sip!


This proves that blender can make wonders! You can make any kinds of products out from it. Always remember to clean your blender after using and dry it.



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