Ninja vs. Vitamix: A Comparative Guide

When it comes to great-performing blenders, you’ll often hear the name Vitamix and Ninja. Though most of the time Vitamix is being compared with Blendtec, this time, let’s try to take a different approach and compare it to Ninja.

These two belong to two different classes, obviously, with Vitamix being a lot more expensive, but for purposes of research and comparison, let’s compare the two, and let’s see how a less expensive brand like Ninja fares versus the crème of the crop, or the blender royalty.

So, let’s start, shall we?

First, we’ll look at how they are alike.

  • Both blenders can crush ice, make smoothies, juice, sauces, and blend healthy vegetables.
  • Their top high-powered blender models, the Ninja Mega and Vitamix 5200offer nearly similar features.
  • These two brands can be considered top of the line when it comes to high-powered blenders.

Not to the major comparison between the two.

Power11.5 amps/1380 watts 8 amps/1500 watts Vitamix offers more blending power compared to Ninja.
Speed500 to 37,000 RPMUp to 24,000 RPMVitamix outperforms Ninja when it comes to speed. It can do a wide range of blending tasks, while Ninja only has 3 pre-set speeds: speed 1 – dough making, speed 2 – blending and speed 3 – ice-crushing. Ninja may be great at small blending tasks, but when it comes to tough leafy greens and fruits, it falls short.
WarrantyVitamix blenders are USA-made and offer a whopping SEVEN-year full-use warranty that covers basically everything. This is one of the reasons why it is one for the most highly recognized world leader in blenders since 1937. Ninja is made in China and offers a one year limited warranty to its buyers. It has recently entered the US market, last 2009.When it comes to warranty, Vitamix is the hands-down winner. 7 years of full use warranty is way better than a 1-year limited warranty.
BladesVitamix has a laser-cut 4-prong stainless steel blade: 2 are blunt hammermill blades while 2 are sharp cutting blades.

The entire blade and housing are metal, making it superior in cutting and blending.
The Ninja professional has a vertical 6-blade tower attachment. It has six sharpened metal blades alternating up a center post.

The blade can easily be removed for a hassle-free and convenient cleaning.
Both blenders have good high-quality blades which have different sets of advantages.
ContainersWhen you purchase a Vitamix blender, you can choose from 3 different container sizes.

Vitamix also offers a separate specialty dry grains container designed for making your own flour or powder, making it the most versatile among all other type of blenders.
The Ninja Mega Kitchen comes along with the standard 72 oz. pitcher while the Ninja Mega Kitchen System has an additional 40 oz. bowl and 2 single serving cups.

Ninja containers can indeed grind seeds and nuts to make peanut butter, but unlike Vitamix, it makes no claim that it can also grind grains to make flour or any powder products.
Containers of both brands are made from BPA-free plastic, but Vitamix blender containers offer a wider range of versatility to enable different types of food processing.
Container options and inclusions* 64 oz Container
* 48 oz Compact Container
* 32 oz Container
* 32 oz Dry Grains Container
* 72 oz Pitcher
* 40 oz Bowl
* Single Serving Cups
Vitamix, with its hefty price tag, does not come with free accessories, unlike Ninja. The added accessories are only available when you buy its Deluxe Kitchen System.
Unlike Ninja also, Vitamix does not offer single serve containers for single-serve beverages which can be a slight inconvenience.
CleaningThe bottom blade housing of Vitamix cannot be easily removed compared to Ninja. A removable blade could offer easier access the blades for cleaning.
Therefore, Vitamix needs initial rinse, additional warm water and detergent to the container which requires blending for about 5-10 seconds followed by a quick rinse and manual
Its removable blade housing allows easier clean up.Ninja's design makes it easier and more convenient to clean.

In conclusion, Ninja is BEST if:

  • You have a limited budget. Ninja models cost around 50% less than that of Vitamix.
  • You need a blender for relatively easy blending tasks such as making smoothies and mixing ingredients.
  • You have no plans of grinding hard grains.
  • You are okay with shorter warranty, which means you do not plan to overuse your blender.
  • You find the freebies – the food processing and single-serve containers – rather enticing.

ninjablenderEasier on the pocket!

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Vitamix is the BEST option for you if:

  • You have the money to spend for it, and you want nothing but the best blender money can buy. Plus, you don’t mind spending for extra blending containers.
  • You want a lot of freedom in controlling blending speed.
  • You are quite obsessive about the consistency of your smoothies and you prefer yours to be perfectly blended with no chewy bits and grains left.
  • You are planning to use your blender extensively: like everyday and every chance you get.
  • You prefer a more solid industrial blender with high horsepower. 

vitamixFeel like a Top Chef with the best of the best!

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The end decision is all up to you. So pick what you think is best and which one provides better value for your money. 

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