Ninja Vs Vitamix

Ninja Vs Vitamix

Ninja vs vitamix: The ultimate comparison

Vitamix and Ninja Blender are two of the most well-known blenders in the market. Vitamix has been always compared with Blendtec. This time, we will review Vitamix in comparison with Ninja blender. Both blenders belong to different class. Vitamix is no doubt more expensive than Ninja Blender. The question is which blender serves you best?

Both blender, the Vitamix and Ninja can crush ice, make smoothies, juice, sauces and blend healthy vegetables. There are also some factors that affect the outcome of the blending. They are different in some features and it means one performs better in one aspect and the other is better in some aspects too. Here’s a comparison of Vitamix and Ninja Blender.


Vitamix vs Ninja


Best: Vitamix


  • Vitamix 11.5 amps/1380 watts
  • Ninja’s 8 amps/1500 watts.


Obviously, from the given items above, Vitamix has more power in comparison with Ninja blender. Therefore, when it comes to performance in relation to who can blend well, Vitamix is better.


Vitamix vs Ninja


Best: Vitamix


  • Vitamix 500 to 37,000 RPM.
  • Ninja can run up to 24,000 RPMs.


Vitamix can perform well and in a large scale basis with such speed. It can perform more tasks than usual blenders . On the other hand, he Ninja has 3 set speeds only such as speed 1 – dough making, speed 2 – blending and speed 3 – ice-crushing.


The Vitamix undoubtedly able to manage any items we put inside the blender. It always comes up with smooth and right texture results. The Ninja blender hmanages fruit smoothies easily than Vitamix but more often than not have a hard time with some of the extra severe duties like blending frozen fruit or vegetables.


Vitamix vs Ninja


Best: Vitamix


Vitamix is made in the USA. Vitamix blenders have the best warranty which is 7 Years Full Use that covers everything. Recognized as a world leader in performance blenders, Vita-mix has proven its blending activity from 1937 up to date.


The Ninja is made in China and comes with a 1-Year limited warranty. It isn’t as recognize compared to Vitamix. In fact, it just entered the US market in 2009 and now still on going.



Vitamix vs Ninja


Best: Both


Vitamix has a laser-cut four prong stainless steel blade. It has two are blunt hammermill blades and two are sharp cutting blades. The entire blade and housing of Vitamix is metal. Therefore, it cuts or blends thouroughly. The Ninja professional has a vertical 6 blade tower attachment. It has six sharpened metal blades alternate up a center post. The blade can easily be removed for cleaning which makes it less hassle.


Vitamix vs Ninja


Best: Vitamix


It is undoubtedly that all Ninja and Vitamix containers are made from BPA-Free plastic. When you buy a Vitamix you can actually choose from in 3 sizes of containers. Vitamix offer a separate specialty dry grains container designed just for making your own flour or powder. It is indeed the most versatile among all other type of blenders.


The Ninja Mega Kitchen comes along with the standard 72 oz. Pitcher and the Ninja Mega Kitchen System with an additional 40 oz. Bowl and two single serving cups. Ninja can indeed grind seeds and nuts to make peanut butter but it makes no claim that it can also grind grains to make flour or any powder products.


Vitamix container options inclusions:

64 oz Container

48 oz Compact Container

32 oz Container

32 oz Container Dry Grains Container

Vitamix vs Ninja


Best: Both


Unlike other blenders, clean-up is easy with both the Ninja and Vitamix. But the bottom blade housing of the Vitamix is not easily removed compared to Ninja to access the blades for cleaning. It needs initial rinse, additional warm water and detergent to the container and place on the blender base. You need to blend for about 5-10 seconds followed by a quick rinse and hand wash. You may clean your Ninja in the same manner as the Vitamix above with the use of the pulse button.


BEST for Ninja: If you have limited budget, loves to blend mostly fruit or vegetable smoothies and drinks, no plans of grinding hard grains, no plan on heavy use such as using it regularly and if you don’t like hearing so much noise from your blender.

BEST for Vitamix: If you want to have 100% freedom in controlling your speed, VERY smooth smoothies and blends, HEAVY use of blender, you prefer more solid and industrial blender, has high horsepower that can do most kitchen tasks and if you have luxury of money.


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Bonus A video of  Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500 vs. Vitamix (750), SHOWDOWN!


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  1. I purchased a Vitamix from an infomercial after seeing the results of a product my sister made using her Vitamix. My husband saw the Ninja blender in the store for hundreds of dollars less.Before opening the box to checkout my newly arrived Vitamix, I watched this unbiased, very detailed comparative analysis video. I am so glad I did. I was having a difficult time justifying the exorbitant price tag of the Vitamix. However, after viewing the video I am convinced keeping the Vitamix is the only choice for me. It certainly helped to take the sting out of the price of the Vitamix (although not completely.) In my opinion,in this particular product, you get what you pay for. Thank you so much for this video. It made my decision whether or not to keep the Vitamix so much easier. I’m keeping it and I am looking forward to using it soon. Thanks again.

  2. When I learned about electricity watts=amps X volts. Even assuming the numbers you quote are rounded they still don’t work. The Vitamix would run on a standard 110-120 volt circuit while the Ninja would require a 187 volt circuit? Somebody goofed-maybe you should have actually compared the machines rather than their press releases.

  3. Hey Henry
    Great video! I’m actually a Vitamix demonstrator. Your comparison testing provided invaluable information, much of which I am going to use when answering questions during my demonstrations.
    Thanks again!
    Matt G

  4. Thanks so much for sharing this video! You did a great job comparing the two. My son is g-tube fed and I was researching these blenders to see which would be best for him…
    I almost fell for the Ninja advertising, but your video has convinced me the Vitamix will be the choice for us!

  5. For the poster “cc” above:

    The equation for power (wattage), P=E*I (Power = Voltage x Current) only applies when Direct Current is being considered. It also works for a purely resistive load or perfectly corrected inductive load (i.e., a motor) with Alternating Current. When talking about an AC electric motor, the modeling equation is much more complex and actually is represented in VA (volt-amps). VA = Wattage when a motor has a power factor of 1.0 or when actual current is adjusted appropriately for a lower power factor. The presented specifications…

    Vitamix 11.5 amps/1380 watts
    Ninja’s 8 amps/1500 watts.

    …are essentially showing that the Ninja’s motor has a lower power factor or that the Ninja’s marketing group is displaying what is called peak wattage (or both). This is misleading because RMS wattage is the actual effective power. That is, the Vitamix motor’s output is 1380 watts at 11.5 amps which means that the motor actually develops 1380 watts of output (120*115 = 1380) either because the power factor is perfect (doubtful) or that Vitamix chooses to market their products based on engineering reality (probable). Basically, it is impossible for the Ninja’s motor to do what they advertise. At 8 amps, the best the motor can do is produce 960 watts of output (but it likely doesn’t). Peak power at 120 volts @ 8 amps is 1,357 VA. Either way, the simple mathematical representations do not work which means that the marketing people are not being truthful. This is a common practice with marketers of cheap equipment (blenders, vacuums, amplifiers, etc). My advice: buy a Vitamix if you want a solid, high-end blender.

  6. Henry did an amazing job with this video… and he proved the old saying… THE DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS! The marketing says one thing but the video proves what one does and doesn’t. We were going to buy the Ninja but now we don’t know what to do. One question still unanswered is… is either one a JUICER and what significant differences are there between JUICERS and BLENDERS.

    • sue zimmerman says:

      John, both are blenders. Juicers extract the pulp and you throw that part away leaving only juice. – blenders blend everything together into a smooth but thicker drink. I make a green smoothie every day and have used a friends Ninja and now Vitamix since I got one for Christmas. In my experience there is NO COMPARISON! The Ninja left my green smoothie Very chunky – my kale was just to much for it. (My old Oster did better than that!) The Vitamix makes all my healthy ingredients go down like a milkshake. LOVE! As for the price – we got our Vitamix at Costco with just the wet blade/container and it was under $400. After using it, I now feel really silly for not investing in one sooner – it is a GAME CHANGER. Between the motor power and the 7 year warranty, it is well worth it – as I always say, how much is your health worth?

  7. Vitamix is the best blender!!! It is pricey, but consider it as an investment because it is so worth it. I bought ninja blender a year ago, thinking to try the raw food diet. We considered the vitamix also, but with the price doubled compared to ninja, we decided not to buy it. That was a bad decision. Love and behold, we are so disappointed with our ninja. Like the video showed, ninja does blend everything to tiny bits. And it’s not smooth enough to be drinkable. It was better than our previous blender, of course, but with the price we paid, we weren’t that happy with the result. We decided to buy the vitamix a mont ago after seeing demonstration from Costco. WE LOVE VITAMIX!! It blend everything so fast and it taste really good. We should have just bought vitamix from the start. What I thought could save money by buying cheaper Ninja, ended up spending more money buying 2 blender. Which one is just sitting nicely in the box in my garage, and the other is used every single day. VITAMIX RULE!!!

    • Thanks for feedback on your experience. Those that demonstrate the Vitamix hopefully let people know of the experience of those who had wasted their money on the Ninja. We haven’t bought the Vitamix yet but we will in all probability buy it … when we do buy anything for this purpose.
      Thanks again.

  8. thanks for this video! really helped me to make up my mind on which blender to get. Sided by side comparison is very helpful. I don’t really like the idea of taking the blade out all the time (ninja), especially as i am quite clumsy and will likely cut myself. :)

  9. There is also the new option to purchase a refurbished vitamix. Vitamix is saying it is going to work, and it comes with a 5 year warranty. And they are about half the cost of a new one

  10. Robyn Obadal says:

    I am desperately awaiting the arrival of my Vitamix I ordered from QVC. I NEVER watch those shows , somehow that’s the channel I heard while I was sleeping. I’ve been wanting to get healthy & to me this was the answer! Smoothies, soups, breads, etc. I need to find a passion before my health kills me. I have 70lbs to lose…anyone willing to share recipes/suggestions would be appreciated! I currently have my regular doses of pop/Coke & need help getting prepared. I’ve added some healthier alternatives as far as food…lean meats such as chicken breast , fish…but the pop is my only drink. I know a month down the road I will think ‘Gross…how did I drink that crap’ . Feel free to email me I’m doing this with my elementary aged kids & any inspiration would be appreciated!! Thanks!

  11. Michelle Gigi says:

    My mother purchased the Ninja Mega Kitchen System recently at around AUD$450. She paid a small fee of $14.95 AUD up front and now pays $50AUD Mthly until completely paid off. As we have made juices for years, we wanted to buy a system that retains the pulp so the fibre (whole food) can be consumed. We found the Ninja Mega Kitchen system to be very good for making the vegetables smooth altbough it was a process of trial and error at first. As we were making enough for 4 of us we firstly blended our ingredients (including kale, spinach, celery, cucumber, lemon, ginger and carrot) down. We used ice and water but the result resembled a vege ‘slushie’. So we decided to further add some more water and use the single serve barrels. After pulsing the juice for another 30 sec, we achieved the result we wanted which was a smooth and rich flavoured vege smoothie… So with a little perseverance and some testing (and tasting), the Ninja can certainly deliver lovely smooth whole vegetable juices; its just a matter of trying different ingredients and seeing what works. GOODLUCK!!!

    • Thank you for sharing your experience about Ninja Blender, it is always great to hear some interesting comment like yours. If you have others exeriences to share do not hesitate to contact us.

  12. I was watching the Ninja infomercial and was almost hooked. I have wanted a Vitamix for years now, but couldn’t seem to justify the price. After watching this video, I will be buying a Vitamix FINALLY! Thanks for the comparison.

  13. Brandon G says:

    I will start off by saying, I’ve never owned a Vitamix. If I could have justified spending the $500-$600 I would have. I do however own a Ninja. I love it. Granted it is the $300 Ninja Ultima, but it has yet to fail me. I can’t speak for any of the lesser models but the Ultima is very well built. It has metal gears (can’t think of the actual name of the part that actually turns the blades) so you don’t have to worry about stripping them like I have so many other blenders. It doesn’t leave chunks. It also has a power level of 1-10 along with a pulse option that us set by a know and has a switch beside it that you bump up to blend if set between 1-10 or down to pulse as many times as you like and for as long as you like. It turns ice into snow. Not like a snow cone but actual powder. Plus the single serving blender cups are awesome too. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying it’s better than Vitamix because I’ve never had/used a Vitamix. But for double the price I sure would hope Vitamix is better. I just wanted to chime in bc it was obvious that the Ultima wasn’t used in this comparison. If you are going to compare why not use the Big Daddy? Which costs at least $100 more than the best one used in this comparison? Just my .02 If you dont want to spend the Vitamix price tag, the Ninja Ultima won’t disappoint for nearly half the price.

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