Vitamix CIA Professional Series Review

Vitamix CIA Professional SeriesThree years ago I decided to be vegetarian. Living a healthy life is a must not only to older ones but also to young ones like me. My mom and dad are vegetarians as well as my younger sister. In my family, we’re all vegetarian except my younger brother. As much as we want him to be like us, he really is not open to possibilities. For him, vegetables taste terribly if it’s eaten most times.






How did I find out about Vitamix CIA Proffesional Series?


 I made some research on what blender should I recommend to my mom since she’s very eager to buy one as soon as possible. I read about Vitamix CIA Professional series online and it made me come up with my decision of suggesting this product to my mom.  Last year, my mom bought the blender I suggested online. It actually became the reason of why my parents argued. My dad was so mad because the price of Vitamix CIA Professional Series is $498.95. He couldn’t get the reason why buy such expensive blender. After using the blender for a month, it proved my dad wrong. Why? Because it’s worth the price. It’s actually more expensive than regular blender and another Blendtec model I found online. But so far, it has proven its worth


Why is this a must have blender? 10 reasons


First – Good smoothies

It creates smoothies, hot soups, and frozen desserts in a single machine. Take note, in a single machine.


Second – Container

It goes with 64-ounce container is perfect for family meals!


Third – Cookbook

It includes two cookbooks, including recipes from the CIA Master Chefs. Aren’t all that awesome?


Fourth – Produce good ice cream

It crushed ice accurately; make ice cream in seconds, produces delicious juices and food sauces. I love to make ice cream but I cannot do it often because of my work but Vitamix makes it easier for me to create my personal choice of ice cream.


Fifth –  Great Vegetable smoothies

 It can make vegetable smoothies, salad with pre-washed greens, veggies pasta sauce and some other vegetables that can be blend. He is now using it more than my mom. Earlier I mentioned about my brother. Who would believe that he now loves vegetables? Yes, he now does. Just like my dad, he loves to blend different types of vegetables.


Sixth – No need to section citrus fruits

I just have to peel and remove the seeds. It’s healthier this way I guess.

Seventh – Speed

It can make smoothies without disturbing anyone at home – I can use variable five speeds without causing too much noise and it can already crush ice at this speed perfectly. 

Eight – It’s as noisy as a regular vacuum

 Yes, its noise is like a regular vacuum in FULL SPEED. But I don’t usually use full speed unless I want to heat up some vegetable soup.


Ninth – Tamper comes in handy when not using liquids

 I need not to always add liquid when using my blender. No extra hassle for me.


Tenth – It makes my favourite items below!


•              Grinds coffee beans – makes me feel that I have my own Starbucks shop at home

•              Makes good sauces – I made a very awesome and tasty spaghetti sauce with home grown tomatoes, cream, a little sugar, fresh basil, garlic, onion and salt.

•              Processes foods quickly – I think I’m now making healthier food choice than before.


Vitamix is the best blender for me and my family! At first, it cost trouble in the family but as time goes by it proved its worth and now it’s loved by all of my family members. It became of family treasure!

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