Vitamix TurboBlend Two Speed Review

One of the most popular models offered by Vitamix is the TurboBlend Two-Speed blender.As the name suggests, it has two speed settings only – high and low.  But if you think it lacks the versatility of the other blenders with several speed settings, think again. The dual settings are intuitive enough to cover a wide range of blending tasks, whether chopping, grinding, pureeing, and several other functions.  You won’t be missing any vital blending function just because it only has two speeds. In fact, it simplifies things a lot.

Vita+mixNo frills, no extra buttons, just plain and simple blending. 

Vitamix TurboBlend 2-Speed is primarily designed to process any kind of food while retaining its nutrients. So it’s a perfect first step for those who want to take the healthier path to eating.

Here are other reasons why this Vitamix blender remains among the top-selling and high-rated blenders of all time.

One — The SPEED

Like any Vitamix blenders, it offers a commercial-grade 2 horse power motor which allows the blades to go as fast as 240 miles an hour. With that kind of power, no ingredient is tough enough to withstand it. So even if you’re faced with the toughest greens or frozen fruits, you’re sure to get a perfectly-blended, fully nutritious results every single time.

Two — The SIZE

At 20.5 inches tall, this blender towers above the competition. While some might consider this a disadvantage, haven’t they heard that bigger is always better?

Which brings is to the next two aspects – container and weight.


Each Vitamix TurboBlend 2-Speed Blender comes with a patented Eastman Tritan copolyester container. It’s made of a BPA-free shock-proof polycarbonate material that lessens sound while also resisting breaking and damage. The ergonomic design with soft-grip handle makes it a lot easier to pour the ingredients out of the pitcher.

Just like other Vitamix models, it also comes with the Tamper feature to break up air pockets created inside while blending thicker ingredients, ensuring consistency in blending each and every time. Plus, unlike Blendtec containers which can only be used half-full, Vitamix containers can be filled all the way, allowing you to make more smoothies for each batch of blending.

Four — The WEIGHT

Some people may think that a heavier blender is at a disadvantage compared to a lighter one. Not exactly. One of the complaints of Blendtec users is that their blenders slide easily on countertops. This can be a bit of trouble especially if you have ultra-shiny marble counters.

With Vitamix TurboBlend 2-Speed, that is not a problem. Its 10-lb weight lies flat on any countertop surface, refusing to budge even during high-speed blending. This not only guarantees safety, but also provides a lot of convenience to the user.


The TurboBlend comes with a spill-proof vented lid which has a removable plug that allows you to drop more ingredients while the motor is running. This spells a lot of convenience for the user especially when mixing ingredients for specific culinary tasks. The locking lid is designed to be removed easily and it conveniently snaps back in place so you won’t have to deal with splashes from your ingredients.


If you’re the kind who wishes to make things as simple as it could, this is definitely the blender for you. The TurboBlend 2-Speed Blender is basically the simplest and easiest to use premium blender available in the market. There is no intimidating touch pad with lots of programmed functions for you to study. You won’t even need to learn how to use it anymore because of its very basic high-low speed. Despite the simplicity of its functions, you are assured of a high-quality and powerful blender that offers consistently excellent results.


If there’s anything the Vitamix TurboBlend 2-Speed is trying to tell us, it is this: Beauty in Simplicity. Sometimes too much choices can overwhelm us, so going back to basics is a great thing. Besides, it doesn’t mean that if something is very simple, it is no longer powerful. In fact, this one can handle anything thrown its way – excellently, and with consistent results every time.

The Vitamix TurboBlend Two Speed blender is available in AMAZON

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